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We truly believe that quality is a choice. That choice starts with the selection of our suppliers. We tend to import raw material from the producer at origin as far as we can select the quality. Then raw materials are inspected in our warehouse during and after production. Our main target is to satisfy our customers by providing the best products that meet their needs.

Nuts and dried fruits are used by both consumers and professionals. Orienco offers 3 brands to fit all the customer’s needs :  Orégal : All the nuts, seeds and dried fruits packed in pillow bag from 250g to 1kg, available at grocery shops and wholesalers.  Popnuts : A selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and snacks available at Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.  Jana : A refined selection of high quality snacks nuts available at delicatessen and gourmet food shop. Click on our catalog to view our range of nuts, seeds and

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