Orégal is available in grocery shops and wholesalers. You will find all the nuts you need, dried fruits, seeds, exotic fruits.

O’régal offers nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and exotic fruits :

Nuts: Almond (raw, processed, roasted, coated), pistachio (raw, processed, roasted, coated), cashew (raw, processed, roasted, coated), groundnut (raw, processed, roasted, coated), walnut (raw, processed), hazelnut (raw, processed, roasted), pecan nut (raw, roasted), macadamia nut (raw, roasted), Brazil nut.
Seeds: Pine nut kernels, pumpkin seeds (raw, roasted), sunflower seeds (raw, roasted), chickpeas (processed, roasted), corn (roasted, coated), fava beans (roasted), sesame seeds (raw, toasted).
Dried fruits: Choice raisins, Sultana raisins, Golden raisins, Jumbo raisins, Flame raisins, Corinth raisins, dried apricot.
Exotic fruits dehydrated: Coconut, pineapple, ginger, strawberry, cranberry, kiwi, banana chips, mango, peach, pear, cantaloupe, mulberry, physalis, goji berry, candied kumquat.
Mixes : More than 10 different mixes of nuts and dried fruits, salted or sugared.

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